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Sand painting is a form of drawing or “painting” that utilizes dry sand, minerals, or colored powder form pigments to create various drawings onto surfaces. The sand painting artists pour sand using their hands and make use of their hands, fingers, nails, and also other tools to design the sand into images.

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All you need is just a few photos!

So you are ready to start the Sand Art Video production process, but which photo should you use? We put a list of common ways our other clients are using, these may help you to find your perfect photos:
Before After

Scene 1:

How did you meet each other?

Before After

Scene 2:

Special event that brings you together?

Before After

Scene 3:

Common interests & hobbies?

Before After

Scene 4:

Special moments remembered?

Before After

Scene 5:

Images of the couple in their wedding attire?

Our clients loves our work!

Our Process
Request Free Quote from us, we will send you a detailed worksheet to help you provide the information we need.
Find the photos you want to use, and send it to us. Send us the photo as soon as you can.
WEEK 2-FirstDraft
We send you the sample design of each scene, you provide us the comments. We allow up to 2 revisions.
WEEK 3-4 - Delivery
It Depends on how many revisions we have, we will deliver the video to you when all revisions are done.


It depends on the photos you want to use. It usually take us about 2 weeks for a 3 photos production, 3-4 weeks for 4-6 photos and 5-6 weeks for 7-10 photos. If you really have limited time, we suggest you contact us for availability to provide you a rush service.

Usually each scene will take about 30 secs to 1 min depends on the complexity of the scenes. So the more scenes you have, the longer your video will be.

We usually recommend one to two, but if the video length is longer, we can either repeat one of the song, or add the 3rd song of your choice.

Because the sand art style video is based on the interaction between hand and sand, we are not drawing by pen, so it will not be as detailed as a regular portrait, the result of each scene will be more abstract as the original photo, especially when it comes to the Portrait style. If you looking for a portrait style scene, please contact us before doing so, it requires much more time and most of the time.

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