11 Reasons Why Outdoor Wedding Is Perfect For You

Congratulations on your engagement! We are sure you can’t wait to walk down the aisle and marry the love of your life. Sure, you have snapped up a drop-gorgeous bridal gown and rounded up a bevy of adorable flower girls for your bridal party. But have you thought whether to choose an indoor or outdoor wedding?

Here are 11 compelling reasons why an outdoor wedding is a no-brainer choice for you.

#1. It’s all in the Backdrop

There’s something of beauty and allure to the backdrop of a perfect outdoor wedding. Talk about chiming birds, lush greeneries, breathtaking landscapes, and, of course, the fresh air. The backdrop of an outdoor wedding is perfect for photo-shoots and creates a relaxingly, charming ambiance. Trust me; the natural beauty will add endless magic to your wedding and will make the big day more memorable.

#2. You Will Take Stunning Pictures

Perhaps the biggest reason to opt for an outdoor wedding is the wedding album. Thanks to picture-ready wildlife beauty and natural lighting, your wedding photos will look gorgeous. It’s been proven: an outdoor wedding is a haven for photo-shoots. It helps that everyone is always in the mood for picture-taking.

More importantly, the photographer will not have to use flash, HDR or artificial lighting to get breathtaking photos. With sun-kissed skin tones and radiant smiles, the whole wedding will be one fantastic photo-shoot after another. And with impressive pictures, the memory of your wedding will live longer.

#3. Need More Space? No Problem!

If you have been to many church or indoor weddings, the chances are that you have witnessed organizers trying to make space for unexpected ant, niece, boyfriends, and girlfriends. The whole affair is a mess. With the perfect outdoor wedding, being pressed for extra space is a thing of the past. An outdoor wedding can accommodate as many guests as possible because it is not restricted by walls, floor plans, and whatnot. More than that, the decorators will have no trouble planning, designing and setting up flower arrangements and other décor.

#4. It’s Family-Oriented

Is there anything more annoying than a kid having meltdown or temper tantrums during an indoor wedding ceremony? It is always awkward, if not downright embarrassing trying to calm down such a kid. Thankfully, keeping toddlers preoccupied and engaged in an outdoor wedding is a breeze. There is a lot more space for kids to play and be entertained. If anything, a screaming toddler echoes much, much less in the outdoors than inside a hall.

#5. Fewer Decorations

A bit of decoration is needed to get an outdoor wedding pepped up because the natural beauty and scenic views add to the whole mix. Think about it: no amount of flower arrangements can match the beauty of blooming spring vegetation. No number of balloons can keep up with lush greenery and the elegance of the open skies hanging above your venue.

#6. Less Costly

The odds are that the organizer will take care of everything, from moving tents, setting up the place, catering. Don’t forget that an outdoor wedding requires little décor. Besides, you can cater the wedding yourself or invite a local food truck.

#7. Choose the Perfect Ambiance and Moment to Exchange your Vows

Whether you want to say “I do” with gorgeous sunshine in the backdrop, when there’s sunset or when the moon is shining brightly in the background, you can always get the moment right with an outdoor wedding. All you have to do is choose the picture-perfect ambiance for your vow-taking ceremony based on the time of the day. The flexibility of an outdoor wedding implies that the ball is squarely in your court – play it to your advantage!

#8. The Sentimental Value of an Outdoor Wedding is Priceless

You can hold an outdoor wedding on your parents’ backyard, on the beach or in an all-inclusive venue, the whole thing is always quite a sight. But, more crucially, the sentimental tied to an outdoor wedding can be priceless.

#9. Pick Wherever You Want!

When it comes to an outdoor wedding, the whole world is your oyster. You get to pick any location you want as you see fit. You can choose a place that carries some meaning to both of you. It can be an exotic location, a local park or a beach spot where you first met … the possibilities are limitless.

#10. It can be Formal or casual – It’s You Call

With the perfect outdoor wedding, you can be as formal or as relaxed as you like without being bound to the pressures and conformities of traditional wedding venues. Best of all, you have free reign with what to wear and the style of the wedding.

#11. Creativity and Entertainment Options are Limitless

With an outdoor wedding, you can add as many extras as possible to make your big day fun and memory. Do you love animals? You can add a petting zoo to bring more entertainment. You can add more, more creativity and more pizzazz without going overboard.

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