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Our mission is to offer the most unique service for your wedding, create lovely video that will last for a lifetime, and of course at affordable prices.

Sand Art Video

Sand Painting is an Art on Its Own!

Sand Painting Wedding Production Service is a company led by a team of sand painting artists, to provide with a unique video story for clients so their audience can be engaged in a completely new way, with the use of sand painting.

Utilizing the creative concept of sand painting, we are able to make wedding videos of a whole new style. Being the expert in the art of sand painting, we also make sure our customers’ expectations are exceeded. The process of our service is simple and efficient, and as per your needs. Customers give us their images and descriptions of images and based on their story and pictures, we develop a high quality sand painting video. The video includes our sand painted art video graphed featuring the story and pictures of clients, and we also include background music, background narration or voice over to the video as well.

We also offer you a variety of other ways our services can be delivered. You can pick cartoon style wedding couple drawing with sand painting, or perhaps a logo design for the wedding, etc. You imagine – we create it with sand painting!

Production Service

Now that you are familiar with what sand painting is and what we do.

You are probably wondering what our video can actually bring for you. Sand painting wedding videos are unique in nature, and have the ability to be something that viewers remember forever.

When they are personalized with your images and your story, they become even more captivating. It is like your whole story is being played out with art.

Here’s what our sand painting videos can bring to you:


Our Promise

No request is too big or too small for our team.
If it matters to you, it matters to us. Let us make your escape perfect.

Our Goal

Our goal is to be a leading name for all your wedding video production service, adding a new twist to the mix making use of the unique and creative art of sand painting. We want to make your wedding videos special in an entirely new way – a way that lasts forever.

Your Satisfaction

With us, your satisfaction is top priority. We know you want to work with professionals and experts, so we assure you that our team is practiced and experienced in this art. We have a passion for sand art paintings and we want you to receive something that exceeds your expectations.

What We Believe

We believe art is the best way to depict love, romance, and intensity when it comes to wedding videos. We believe that with our expert sand painting artists creating personalized wedding videos for you, you can enjoy the best, most memorable and exceptional wedding video.


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