15 Unique Wedding Invitation Card Ideas

Weddings are an auspicious occasion marking a crucial transition in life. People come together and the word two takes up a whole new meaning. With lives transitioning and meaning changing, it would be unfair to let traditions nag the idea of invitations. Wedding invitations, hence, have been here forever, and are likely to stay around and for good. In a world full of negativities, some good needs to happen and revolutionizing the wedding invitation business is a good place to start with.

Electronic Wedding Invitations

A recent noticeable trend has been the takeover, of online wedding invitation businesses in the field. The main idea being catered to here is avoiding paper wastage and going eco-friendly. These cards promise to bring the same sentiments and add the same value to your dream wedding if not more. The best part, however, is that these wedding invitation cards give access to wedding pictures to all those who attended the event so no more waiting to see a beautiful you!

Monogrammed Envelopes

The classic wedding invitations have become monotonous especially with the stagnancy in their designs and the cliched nature of the sentiments they induce. Wedding cards need to be personalized and stay classy. Here is where you can choose to go for a minimalist look by opting for a monogrammed envelope made of a color of your choice. These invitations are topped with the couple’s initials on the envelope and sure to shout that you care about the people you love.

Moody Wedding Stationary

This one isn’t a very popular idea and we’re surprised by the lack of attention that it gets! The idea behind these wedding invitations is a collaboration between the wedding invitation stationary and the theme of your event. The invitation designs and color schemes are coordinated with the theme of your wedding be it focused on the location or the decoration you use or both! These invitations are sure to say that you have put thought into your big day.

Destination Wedding Invites

These wedding card ideas cater to those who’re planning a destination wedding. The invites themselves can be in the form of passports or feature something relevant to the place you want to tie the knot at! These invitations are sure to catch people’s attention and they’re also more likely to be saved as souvenirs by guests instead of finding themselves in the dustbin later.

Goody Box Invitations

These invitations genuinely let your guests know that you care about them. The idea behind each package is bringing together a gift for your guests topped with chocolates or any other eatery that appeals to their sweet tooth. Everybody loves gifts and who says no to chocolates and cookies? At the end of the day, your guests are sure to leave feeling loved and with an experience they’ll always remember.

Hand Written Wedding Cards

These wedding invitations focus on the couple getting married with their invitation cards featuring hand written messages and signatures from the bride and groom. This idea is as personalized as it gets and works best for small wedding events, where everyone is an intimate member and would live to know why they deserve such an important part in your life.

Photograph Based Invitations

These invitation ideas include invites that are customized for each guest individually. The main idea is getting a memorable picture printed featuring you with the guest. This fine idea promises to merge past with the present as well as the future and lets people you love know that they have, still do and will continue to play an important part in your life.

Miscellaneous Wedding Invites

Everyone loves a little spice and things are almost always better when they’re different. Miscellaneous wedding invites follow this idea and put together a package that scream fun in capital. An ordinary package can include different types of stationary, accessories say post cards, flowers and tags with quotes for example to let people know that this is wedding that they do not want to miss.

Souvenir Wedding Cards

Knowing someone intimately and sharing moments that become great memories are foundations of a healthy relationship. What’s even better is that you get to share these moments with your loved ones, but instead of doing it social media, you get to do it the old way; posted on a paper. These invites will make love pour not in the form of love reacts but people coming over to celebrate your big day.

Heritage Wedding Invitations

Some traditions just don’t deserve to die, and we can easily include in this list wax stamped cards delivered just like old times. If you love royalty and would like your loved ones to share the feeling all you need is some wax and go stamping away!

Seasons Wedding Invitations

The category of unique wedding invitation would be incomplete if we leave out this idea. What these invites do is choose a theme based on the season during you get married. The concept is exotic and perfect for those whose moods and lives are intertwined with their favorite season.

Watercolor Wedding cards

For the painter in you, this invitation idea suits best. These invitation feature cards with blended water colors, which can be customized. Nowhere does it say that weddings can’t be artistic, does it?

Modern Stationary Invites

This idea calls out to all the rebels who decided to tie the knot. An ordinary card would feature modern day designs, fonts and stationary giving your invitation a very professional look!

Neutral and Minimalist

These invites use neutral colors against a black white background and are perfect for people who would like to keep things simple but classy.

Tropicana wedding invitations

These cards are all about ferns and leaves and appeal to those who are either planning a wedding in the forest or just love greenery in general. The invite gives a breezy feel and makes everyone ready for the summer!

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