6 Ways To Add A Personal Touch To The Wedding Video

It is very important for everyone to make their wedding day special. Because of this, most people today hire videographers to record the event properly and get a copy as a keepsake. But how do you take it up a notch? How do you make sure that your wedding video is not just something ordinary that captures all the events happening around? Here are a few ideas to help you make the video a personal touch that lives up to your expectations.

The Vows 

Doing something unique with the vows can have a big impact on their wedding video. Most couples today write their own vows, which is good, but how about letting everyone in on it too? There are plenty of ideas that you can choose from, such as having an online poll to vote for the couple’s favorite vows or seeing which ones are said more often.

The Dress and The Groom

If your wedding is a religious one, then you have probably heard about the dress code that most parishes require. Usually it is a long white dress or a white suit, which can be a little boring at times. If you choose to wear something different and it is not against the church rules, then why not? Many women do this today knowing that they will look beautiful in their chosen dress no matter what.

The Cake

A cake without one or two of those “candles” does not look complete, does it? A lot of couples today incorporate a little cake topper or personalize their own because of the fun they add to the celebration. For example, you can make it a photo of both of you for everyone to see or something that represents something important in your lives like a bunny for Easter or an alligator if you are getting married in Florida.

The Music

Music is an integral part of any kind of celebration, including a wedding, so why not put your personal touch on it too? Instead of just going with the traditional bridal waltz as you see everyone else do, why not try some other song that has special meaning for both of you? It is a small touch that can make your video not so ordinary.

The Reception

If you plan on going all out on the wedding day itself, then you might want to continue with that in the reception too! The reception is always loads of fun and it can be a great place to put everyone’s favors or gifts. Make sure you approve everything beforehand, though. Many couples today have the favors to match their theme or color scheme so that it is much easier for guests to find them all throughout the reception.

The Videographer

Do not forget about your videographer! You want him or her to be able to catch everything on film but you also want your own personal touch there as well. Although it can be harder to do this, you can help him or her out by letting them know of some special things that are going on during the day so they can cover it. This can include your first dance as a married couple or getting away from all the people for a few minutes together just the two of you.

In conclusion, having a personalized wedding video is not just about adding personal touches to your big day but it also includes letting the videographer have some input as well. After all, this is their job and they know what works best on camera. Make sure you discuss everything with them beforehand so that they know exactly how to shoot the event and in turn, add a personal touch to your wedding videography that will make it one-of-a kind and above and beyond your expectations.

What other things can you do to make your wedding personalized?

The last thing you want on your wedding day is to make it look too general and lose all personal touch. With all the things you want to do to make your wedding perfect, sometimes, it’s easy to lose track of what’s important.

Aside from the points mentioned above, here are some other things that you can do to make your wedding more personalized:

If you’re going for a theme couple photoshoot, don’t just ask your photographer to shoot the pictures in the usual poses. Instead, choose a pose that is more related to both of you or add an element from the theme into your picture.

Couple themed photoshoots are becoming more and more popular today as these personalized shots make great memories not only for yourself but also for those who will receive them as gifts!

In addition, try incorporating some personal photos from your friends or family members into those perfect couple pictures. It can be photos of both of you during childhood where you went to school together or got together. These types of photographs can easily be found online or through your mom’s old closet.

It is no secret that for some, wedding cakes are the most important part of any wedding reception. Especially with today’s trend of elaborate and designer-themed weddings, it can be quite a challenge to make sure your cake is up to par with the rest of the decor. If you plan on going big with your cake, don’t forget to personalize it too!

Add little details like hand-made fondant icing flowers or even place cards where each guest’ s name will be written on top. Heck, you can even add small figurines on top that represent both of you! All these tricks are perfect ways to ensure that everyone knows this is YOUR special day and not just another cookie-cutter wedding.

And finally, have fun! It’s your day to shine so don’t forget to enjoy it with everyone else. After all, the whole point of having a personalized wedding is for you to have something that truly represents both of you so take advantage of that! Do things spontaneously or even challenge each other during the reception. Those are the little memories that people will talk about for years to come so make sure they are ones you want them to remember, not just another generic party in someone else’s’ life.

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