9 Best Wedding Video Ideas

It’s every bride and groom’s dream to make the Big Day unforgettable. And the wedding video
is your BFF when it comes to capturing those precious moments. Are you looking for inspiration
for your wedding video? If yes, then you’re in good company!
In this article, we have rounded up 9 of our favorite wedding video ideas that’ll simply knock
your socks off. Read on — you’ll be thankful you did.

1. Documentary-Style

If you are looking for a cute wedding video idea, look no further than the documentary style. It
brings together the sound bites, cityscape photos, festive moments, sweeping artistic angles, and
other sizzling bits from your Big Day to produce a riveting documentary-style wedding video.
With this style, you don’t have to leave out anything. From your dad’s toast to the bridesmaids
laughing their hearts out and every moment in-between, the documentary style is the absolute
best way to tell your wedding day story without going overboard.

2. Interview-Style Love Story

You’re getting married, so you must have a fantastic love story to tell. Why not preserve this
enchanting story is the form of an interview-style wedding love story video? Nonetheless, it pays
to hire a good wedding videographer who’ll bring together these stories in the most captivating
In the interview, ensure that you share how you two lovebirds met, how he took to his knees to
propose, and the excitement you have as the Big Day comes to a dramatic close. Capture all on
camera for your video editor to compile into a fabulous keepsake.

3. A Trailer-Style

Another cute wedding video idea is a trailer; leave the rest of the wedding video for the
anniversary. Inquire from your wedding videographer if he or she can create a trailer version of
your entire wedding day video. The rule of thumb is to keep the wedding video trailer under 2-3
minutes. It is a fantastic idea to showcase your wedding to your colleagues, family, and friends
or share it on your wedding website.

4. Music Video Style

A wedding music video idea is certainly for those who are brave and bold at heart. Of course,
wedding video ideas don’t get more personal than this. The good thing about a wedding music
video, nonetheless, is that it gives every guest some camera time. It is a great way to get your
aunt, nieces, bridesmaids, parents, and so forth on your wedding video.

5. A Proposal Video

Let’s be honest; no one hates a good wedding proposal story. But, most people are not going to
remember what either of the couples said when he took to his knees and proposed. That’s
right; the excitement of the proposal takes the magic away from the exact wording he used to

With that in mind, it is paramount to hire a professional videographer to capture the whole thing
on video. You will simply love how these wedding proposal video ideas capture your emotions
without going overboard or seeming too intrusive. Even better, there are a ton of wedding
proposal video ideas out there.

6. Stop-Motion Video

The stop-motion is a cute wedding video idea that is all the rage right now. It’s when the photos
from your wedding or proposal are chronologically arranged to give the feel and appeal of movie
footage. As such, the stop-motion wedding video idea offers a perfect blend of classic vintage
and modern.
Not all wedding videographers carry this service. You might want to throw your net a little wider
to find the perfect stop-motion expert.

7. Film-Inspired Wedding Video or Save-the-Date Video

Here’s a new wedding video trend that is also catching on. You can also base your wedding
proposal videos off of your favorite flick or movie style. I particularly recommend the Wes
Anderson style — it’s easy to incorporate your amateur footage.
On the overall, to put together a movie-inspired wedding video, you will have to enlist the
services of a professional editor (and, of course, a top-notch video camera). Even better, your
videographer should come highly recommended for this type of service. Nonetheless, a film-
style wedding video will make for a fantastic short clip to send friends and family or share on
social media.

(8) Sand Art Video

When it comes to cute wedding video ideas, none can trump sand art video. What’s sand art
video? It’s a sand painting custom video tailor-made by artists at sandromance.com based on
your story — how you met, the proposal, the wedding, and other special moments.
Sand art wedding videos offer a unique combination of style, elegance, and originality,
producing something that viewers will never forget.

(9) Cinematic Style Wedding Video

This video idea brings together a blend of black-and-white and color footage that adds a touch of
glamor to the classic movie-inspired video. The cinematic wedding video idea captures precise
moments from all angles.

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