9 Wedding Slideshow Software Apps You Can Use for Free

Nothing tells your big day story quite like a stunning wedding slideshow. It brings together elegant and touching videos, music, and pictures that capture every moment and emotion of your wedding day. However, you cannot whip up a fantastic wedding slideshow without a top-notch software.

In this blog post, we have rounded up free (or sinfully cheap) software/apps that will help you create a wedding slideshow that will knock your mother-in-law’s socks off!

#1.  Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder (Free + $49.95 advanced version)

Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder is a nifty tool that’s not only easy to use but also super-fast. You have a free standard option, or shell out $49.95 for an advanced mode. The chances are that you won’t have to pay for the advanced features because the standard model is pretty rad with pre-set styles that make slideshow building effortlessly easy for newbies.

If you want to up the ante, however, go for the advanced mode; it comes with a range of animations, transitions, clipart, 2D or 3D effects, and motions. You can infuse some voice-over, music, and even subtitles to sizzle up your slideshow. With Wondershare, you can conveniently share your masterpiece over TV or upload to YouTube. Perhaps the biggest flop of this tool is that you cannot share your slideshow via email.

#2.  Wondershare Filmora (Free + advanced version $59.99 for a lifetime)

Another product by Wondershare, Filmora is a wonderful slideshow maker that actually does a bang-up job. It’s not only versatile but also easy to use by newbies as well as pros. It features 300+ effects and more than 20 music options. Besides, it supports almost all popular file formats and allows you to upload your slideshows to Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo

Pros: It’s social, effective, intuitive, has numerous overlays, and support popular AV formats.

Cons: free version embeds a watermark, offers limited 3D effects, and has fewer templates.

#3. Bolide Slideshow Creator (Free)

If you are looking for a free and effective wedding slideshow software, look no further than Bolide Slideshow Creator. It might not have fancy features like Filmora, but it certainly gets the job done. With a simple interface, subtitles, effects, zoom, and transitions, Bolide is no shabby. The wedding slideshow software is currently available for download by Windows users only.

#4.  Freemake Video Converter (Free)

Freemake Video Converter is one of the established slideshow making tools out there. It is perfect for creating quick slideshows by integrating photos and videos in a magnificent way. If you have way too many wedding pictures and video and want all of them in the slideshow, Freemake Video Converter is your software.

Pros: It’s absolutely free — no signup, no trials, no bullshit; it supports a large number of video formats; you can upload the slideshow directly to YouTube, and you can burn them to DVDs

Cons: Lacks impressive templates, and has only one effect

#5. 4K Slideshow Maker (Free)

As the name suggests, the wedding slideshow software can allow you to output files in 4K quality. If you’re looking for more customizations, however, 4K Slideshow Maker might not be for you. Nonetheless, the tool is simple, quick, and intuitive. If you just want to put together a slideshow to show to your folks, 4K should be your go-to slideshow maker. What’s more — it’s FREE for Windows, Linux, and MacOS users.

#6. Windows Movie Maker

You’ve probably seen it but have never used it before. The Windows Movie Maker is the default slideshow making software pre-installed on all Windows devices. It basically allows you to put together your wedding videos, music, and photos, and churn out a high-res slideshow. More than that, it comes with a host of animations and effects you can infuse into your slideshow.

Pros: It’s light and easy-to-understand; offers a raft of impressive transitions and visual effects, and allows you to share directly via email and social media.

Cons: has limited features and output file formats

#7. Google Photos Movie Maker (Free)

If you have wedding music, videos, and photos saved in Google Drive or Google Photos, Google Photos Movie Maker might be what the doctor prescribed. It’s robust (what Google product isn’t, right?), easy to use, and delivers incredible slideshows that you can share with everyone. There’s an app version available for download from Google Play and App Store.

Pros: offers convenience; it’s highly intuitive and offers myriads of cool music and themes.

Cons: the mobile apps aren’t a little messy

#8. PhotoSnack (Free trial version)

PhotoSnack provides an amazing set of features you can leverage to create a fantastic wedding slideshow. It is fully online so there’s no need for download, and you can share your work on social media. The downside is that it has limited templates.

#9.  Kizoa (Free version + $29.99 advanced version)

Kizoa offers a free online slideshow maker version that gives you access to fabulous features without the need for signing up. The advanced version offers support for a slew of fab transitions, animations, effects, and lots of music choices. You will love that the software provides with absolute control over aspect ratio.

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