How To Build Your Wedding Website For Free

So, you have finally gotten your dream proposal- first things first, congratulations! Now, onto the wedding planning, which as you will soon find out, is an exciting, daunting but beautiful adventure that you will always look back on fondly. Whether you are interested in having a summer wedding or winter one, your wedding planning will start to feel more real after you sit down with your partner to design a wedding website.

Why do I need a wedding website?

When most individuals get engaged, one of the very first places that they go to announce their good news is on social media. Although platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are great ways to announce your upcoming nuptials, a wedding website offers couples a much better way to tell their story.

Wedding websites also offer an ideal way to share information about the proposal and the wedding, as well as other special bits of information. Most importantly, a wedding website allows couples to share links to their wedding registry so that couples can focus on other details of the wedding planning.

How to build your website for free

Years ago, couples did not have a lot of options to choose from when designing their wedding website. Before, you only had two options for customizing a wedding website: create one from a pre-designed template offered by an online wedding website company. Alternatively, if you had the chops, you could learn how to code and create a wedding website from scratch.

Thankfully, nowadays it is entirely possible to build your website for free by customizing a contemporary, simple but elegant wedding website that will tell your love story in the best way possible. These wedding websites can be created and designed by you even when you do not have any coding experience or have no clue what HTML is.

Wedding websites such as these are easy to use, making it possible for you and your spouse to select every single component, right down to the font, borders, and sliders. A resourceful online destination such as a well-designed website will basically act as a one-stop shop that makes it easy for your guest to keep up with all the wedding planning details. If you are eager to get started planning your own stylish wedding website, here is how to build your wedding website for free:

Pick a wedding website platform

We live in an age where technology has made everything so much more advanced. As a result, there are a number of companies that you can pick from to make your wedding website for free. The best and most popular contenders include:

  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • Minted
  • The Wedding Paper Divas
  • The Knot
  • Wedding Wire
  • Nearlyweds

Find the best theme for you

Your wedding website theme should reflect your taste and the style of your wedding. To ensure that you get the theme absolutely right, give yourself the freedom to browse through the options available. If you do not like one theme, you can simply change it for a different one. Prebuild website platforms allow you to choose from a range of more than 500 themes.

Start small and simple

Your wedding website should not be another additional thing to worry about in the wedding planning to-do list. Therefore, you want to keep it simple and minimal. For example, a design with a single page site typically works for most people that do not want anything too elaborate.

Tell your story

One of the first pages that will interest visitors on your site is the page containing details about your love story. The introductory chapter that tells your story will help set the tone and help guests know what to expect. Hopefully, a lot of your invited guests already know your love story so you do not have to be worried about this section. Aside from pictures, you can also use cute wedding videos; just try to be as authentic as possible and you should be fine.

Include registry details

Including information about your wedding registry on your website will make it easy and convenient for your guests to find the pertinent information that they require. This is especially useful if your gifts are going to be purchased from an online store.

Ask them to RSVP online

Most free wedding website builders have a section for online RSVPs. If you are expecting a much younger audience, online RSVPs may be more their speed while printed invites can be sent to older, more mature guests. Online RSVPs are efficient because they enable you to collect and track the number of people that have confirmed attendance effortlessly.

Don’t forget maps

Maps are vital when yours is a destination wedding or if you are expecting a large number of out of towners to attend. Ensure that you dedicate a specific page for the directions, travel tips, maps and accommodation ideas. Remember to include information about transportation such san a UberEvents package code that will allow your guests to use the app with discounts.





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