How To Create A Poster For Your Love Story

You need a poster for your love story because it is the best way to get your audience or reader’s attention. It is like a teaser, it’s like getting them interested in seeing your story. Some people get their audiences hooked with the poster itself without showing any scenes of the movie or any pictures from the book. The poster basically represents your story, it shows what you are all about.

What makes an effective poster?

An effective poster should be able to tell more than just represent what your love story is about. It should be able to give that feeling that awakens the imagination of the reader and at the same time provide that twist that intrigues them even more than they already are with just reading its title.

For example: Gone With The Wind’s Poster falls under this category for some reasons: One reason is because it does not show the characters from the movie nor the setting. It only shows a silhouette of a woman with a tagline that says “A motion picture masterpiece” even before knowing who or what this particular poster is about. It already makes people want to watch it.


How do you create a poster?

You can make your own poster by using photo editing software such as gimp or Photoshop or, if you are really creative, then use good old pencil and paper. If you have, then just go online and find images from various places, from Google images to Flickr, deviant Art, and etc.

Then, crop them into different sizes so that they would fit on different papers depending on their sizes, along with writing materials for writing down your thoughts and ideas once you have assembled your pictures and their sizes.


What should be the content of the poster?

The content of your poster should reflect what love story you are writing about without giving away spoilers yet at the same time making your audience want to know more about what is going on in this particular poster. It can be a simple single image or even collages with different photos and images combined to make it appear like one singular photo or picture.

You can also change its color schemes, such as adding written words on top of an already dark background, blending certain colors together, for example blue and red, etc. But most people commonly use white backgrounds with black text so that it is easier to read, especially if they are not using Photoshop on gimp.


What can you gain from creating a poster?

You stand to gain two things: one is by gaining your audience’s attention and at the same time you will be able to practice your creativity in coming up with an image that portrays what your love story is about. You are also given a glimpse of how helpful it is to have “imagination” especially when writing about something. Also, have fun while doing it! 🙂

The Dos and Don’ts of Creating a Poster


  1. Keep it simple. No one needs to know how much thought and detail you put into this poster, because they’re not going to be seeing it in your life story; they’ll just be looking at the poster itself. They might not even think about what you had to do to make it the way it is, which isn’t worth worrying about. All you have to do is give them enough information without going overboard.
  2. Keep it colorful and meaningful. It’ll be easier for the poster to stand out when there are colors everywhere instead of just a plain piece of paper with black words on it. Also, don’t be so complicated with what you’re trying to say that it’s hard to understand. You want it to be obvious what the poster is trying to tell them, whether it’s about your life or something completely different.
  3. Keep it relevant, but don’t worry too much about it. If someone can’t relate to your poster, or just doesn’t get it, they’ll probably skip over it and look for something that applies to them instead. This isn’t a problem and it’s nothing to stress out about, so you should be fine.
  4. Try to keep the poster as simple as possible. This way, everyone will be able to understand it and enjoy looking at it without having to look for anything else because they don’t get what you’re trying to say.
  5. Make sure to get your point across clearly with what you have on there already. You don’t want someone thinking that you’ll want them to go buy something or sign up for something by accident. You will be in trouble if your poster accidentally convinces someone to do something different from what it is about.
  6. Keep it simple, colorful, relevant and clear. You don’t want this to be a difficult task; just follow the steps listed above, and you’ll be alright.


  1. Don’t make it too long. Not everyone likes to read a lot, so keeping your poster short and sweet is best. Besides that, having a lot of text on the poster will make it harder for someone to understand what it’s about if they aren’t paying that close attention to it.
  2. Don’t overdo the font size or color. If you make the text too hard to read, people might just skip your poster for one that they can figure out with ease. Besides that, there is a time and place for each font color, so you should think about what will work best for your poster.
  3. Don’t make it too personal or give yourself too much credit. Your poster has to be about the poster itself even if you’re trying to get across a message. Don’t tell them how great of a person you are for making this, because chances are they aren’t going to care.
  4. Don’t force anything into the poster. Unless there is a specific purpose for something you want in the poster, like a particular quote or song lyric, then just leave it out. Someone will appreciate it more if you don’t force anything into the poster and let them decide what they want to look at.

Now that you know all this, go ahead and create your poster. You can make anything you want because it’s your poster, so the possibilities are endless. For instance, if you want to make a poster about your love story with your boyfriend or girlfriend, then just put in pictures of the two of you and everything will fall into place. All that matters is that you follow this guide when making your poster for your love story.


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