Make your wedding even more special with the video

Wedding videos are more popular now than they have ever been.

As a result, there are numerous companies that provide this service.

These include Cinematographers, editors and stationers who have added this to their services.

The market has also seen hundreds of tutorials being done by qualified individuals on how to edit videos yourself. This saves thousands of dollars as opposed to having someone else do it for you!

Video editing programs are easy to use and can help amateurs give professional quality photos.

It is available in both software forms that run on your computer or even downloaded from Internet websites free of charge or at minimal cost compared to what professionals would normally charge for wedding video production. It comes packed with features to help you enhance your wedding video and make it look unique.


There are numerous benefits of having your own video production done by yourself:

1) Less expensive than professionals – Professionals charge an arm and a leg for their services, but with some practice and guidance from videos available on the Internet, anyone can produce a quality video for less money. Your family members might even want to chip in as well!

2) You have full control – Because you will be doing everything yourself, you have total control over every aspect including the music that you want included in the video. That gives you greater satisfaction knowing that no one else can change anything behind your back!

3) Personal touch – The personal touch is what gives your wedding videos a real unique and special touch. There is nothing like it!

4) You can include extra features – Professionals who edit videos charge an additional fee for each type of feature they add to the video. However, with self-production, you can add as many features as you want and also experiment without worrying about the extra cost that would be involved if you were using professionals.

5) The final product will be more customized to what you want than if you had used professional services.

6) No waiting time – When getting your wedding video produced by professionals, there is always a waiting time before everything gets delivered to your home or stationery store or wherever else it needs to go.

But just like anything else, self production also has its downfalls.

Why is a Wedding Video Important?

Wedding videos are important these days because couples want to preserve memories of their wedding ceremony for the rest of their lives.

A video captures all the emotions, feelings and events that occurred during the ceremony in a manner that allows you to relive those moments forever. 

It is also an inexpensive way for your family members who could not attend your wedding but live far away from you to see what transpired on your special day through this medium.

You can even include the video in your wedding invitation cards and let it be a surprise to all your friends and relatives!

If you are not sure how to go about making one, then perhaps looking for existing tutorials online can give you a better idea of what is involved. Here is an example: Wedding Video Production Tutorial . 

Once you understand what goes into producing these videos, do some research on which software might work best for you and why. There are numerous programs available both in free forms or downloadable versions that could work well for you depending upon your needs.

Different Types of Wedding Videos

Because there are so many software packages available out there, it is also possible to get more than one type of video production done for your wedding.

Here are some types of videos you might want to look into creating:

  1. a) A DVD movie version – this gives you the added plus of having the entire video within a disc that can be played on any home DVD player or computer with an appropriate reader installed. You can even deliver these disks personally if you wish!
  2. b) An online streaming version – This option makes sharing your video with friends and family members much faster because they do not have to wait for the entire disk to be copied over before they can watch the video. Just click on a link and start watching from their computer.
  3. c) A slideshow version – This option is suitable for those who would like to see a series of individual photographs from the wedding sequence in motion.
  4. d) A combo version – Depending upon your preferences, you can include a combination of all these features! If you want, you could even include a personalized photo album as well!
  5. e) A sand art video – if you want to save time and money, why not get a sandart video made using the pictures from your wedding? This works well when you want to make sure that all your family members and friends can be part of the video in some way or the other.

Knowing how important this medium is these days, many companies have started specializing in providing many different types of services for wedding videos. It might be a good idea to check out their portfolio and decide if they suit your needs before hiring them!

Deciding What’s Best for You.

The final decision of what works for you is a personal one. After all, an important part of your wedding day is to capture the emotions and celebrations that took place during that very special occasion.

With so many options available out there, why not explore some different avenues to see which ones work best for you?

As with any other service, always check on references before hiring someone new! Wedding video services are no exception to this rule. It might also be a good idea to get recommendations from friends or check online for feedback about specific photographers/videographers who have worked in your area previously.  Having said this though, remember that it is possible to get more than one type of video done if required because most professional photographers are open to being hired to do different kinds of services.



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