What is the best gift for a bride to be?

There are quite a few brides who would like to know the answer to this question. Wedding gifts are supposed to match with some kind of theme, while it may vary depending on the preferences of each family or couple. However, there are some that seem very similar. If you want something unique and more personalized, why not ask yourself what your wife would like? It is also possible to consult with her parents or her friends about it.
Nevertheless, here are some ideas that might help you decide:

Bride To Be Gifts Ideas

1. Picture Frame – Engagement Photo

Exactly what every bride needs! A picture frame with the engagement photo of the couple will surely be a great gift for her. It is one of the best gifts for a bride, especially if she has something old, new, borrowed and blue.

2. Personalized Necklace

A personalized necklace with the birthstones or initials of everyone involved in this big event could be one of your top choices as well. If there are others who want to give something different from just an ordinary gift, why not go with this idea?

3. Engagement Party Invitations

Everyone loves invitations! Make sure that it matches with your wedding theme or color. You can also ask for help from an artist friend so that you can make some changes to it; but make sure it is something everyone will love!

4. Themed Kitchen Aprons

A themed apron is an excellent idea for your wedding day. Regardless, if your bride loves to cook, she will surely appreciate it!

5. Fondue Set

Surprise her with a personalized fondue set that you two can use at home during your next meal together. Make sure to include some yummy looking stuff which you can put into the melted cheese or chocolate sauce! Just make sure she does not eat up all the goods before you have your turn!

6. Nail Art Kit

Everyone loves accessories and one of these is nail art designs. Give your wife an acrylic nail art kit to complete her bridal look. You can also ask for some help from your sister, mother or friend so that she will have an accessory for her wedding day.

7. Bridal Shower Game

Although not everyone is comfortable with this idea, it is one way of celebrating the bridal shower along with the bride. This game includes questions about the bride; which you can get by asking it from someone who knows her well enough. For example, you can ask for all kinds of embarrassing yet entertaining stories about her!

8. Personalized Water Bottle

Everyone needs water during breaks and events like working out, sports tournaments and other activities. Why not make sure she drinks a sufficient amount of water by giving her a personalized water bottle? It can also serve as a reminder to take some rest and drink some water during the process.

9. Makeup Guide

If your wife really loves makeup like most women do, then what she needs is probably this; especially if you are getting married in the summer. This makeup guide will help her understand which type of makeup suits her the best. You can even ask your mom or sister for further assistance about it!

10. Customized Journals

We all know that writing down our thoughts and feelings makes us feel a lot better than just keeping them inside. Why not give them something that will write their memories down? They can use it as a diary after the wedding, with messages from you and everyone involved.

11. Memory Book

At the same time, if your wife is into scrapbooking, then a memory book might be a great present for her! You can ask for help from her friends and other people who have experience in doing this, so it will be more personalized. It also helps you remember everything about the past couple of years.

12. Digital Photo Frame

A digital photo frame with all of your pictures together will be a great idea as well! Just make sure you back up all those photos before sending it to them, just in case they break down! This can also serve as a reminder of all those good memories that you two have been through already.

13. Engagement Party Invitations

Everyone loves invitations! Make sure that it matches with your wedding theme or color. You can also ask for help from an artist friend so that you can make some changes to it; but make sure it is something everyone will love!

14. Sand Art Wedding Videos

Sand art wedding videos are a good example on how you can present your wedding video to your wife . You can hire an artist to do it for you so that everything will be perfect. Who knows, maybe your wife is also interested in art? 

A customized one will probably attract her attention!

15. Engagement Party

​Holding an engagement party for them is another idea of celebrating the bridal shower. You can ask help from friends and family members who want to celebrate with you two! 

It will serve as a way to meet new people, talk about the upcoming wedding and many more. This can be done before or after their wedding day; but make sure they feel special on the day!

16. A Trip Around The World

Or why not go big and give her something that she’ll experience!

Traveling is one of the best ways to understand the world! Why not give your wife something that will make them appreciate different cultures around the world? Just make sure she has a camera with her, to capture all those memorable moments.

17. Customized Mugs

Mugs are even better when they are customized! You can ask for help from an artist friend or someone who knows about this stuff to design it for you. This will serve as a reminder of your first date together.

18. Personalized Wine Bottle

A personalized wine bottle is another way of saying ‘thank you’. An evening drink with the bridesmaids would be perfect too, after all those stressful events during the wedding day. Make sure everyone will have fun while drinking it!

19. Bridal Shower Party

​Holding a bridal shower party is one of the best ways to get everything ready for the upcoming event; especially if you are getting married this year. You can even ask help from your mom and sister in preparing all those things that you need- like decorations, foods and many more. This will be great to bring everyone together and share stories too after all those preparations!

20. Simulated Engagement Ring

If your wife doesn’t want an engagement ring or if she prefers sterling silver over gold, then why not give her a simulated engagement ring ? It has almost the same look as an actual diamond but costs much less than it!

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