What to wear for your engagement shoot

As an engagement shoot is a great way to get some quality time photographing your love before the wedding, it’s also a good idea to start thinking about what you’re going to wear.  While most couples I’ve worked with will come dressed in their finest wedding gear, this isn’t always the most practical nor flattering option. If you don’t want your clothes getting covered in grass stains or rain splotches, consider dressing for comfort and function over fashion.

What Not To Wear

– White formal dress
– A black suit & tie (unless you’re part of a wedding party)
– Suit pants or jeans with holes in them  (because that’s just embarrassing)
– Shoes that are too high or too exposed
– Shirt that has printing on the front or is made of fabric that does not breathe (e.g.: sequins)
– Dark colors and heavy patterns because they absorb light and can’t be photographed very well

What To Wear

– Comfortable trousers and/or a skirt in navy, black, cream, khaki, etc.  (light colors are best for this shoot)
– A dress with full coverage from neck to below the knee (the goal is to look nice but avoid grass stains & rain blotches)
– Shoes should be flat, comfortable & non-descriptive (avoid sandals)
– Solid color tops in lighter shades work nicely as do dresses without patterns or logos on them
– Jackets can be worn but make sure you take them off before the shoot (you don’t want to ruin your clothes!)

Things to Consider When Choosing What to Wear on Your Engagement Shoot

There are a lot of things to consider when planning for your engagement shoot. When choosing clothes to wear, you need to  be comfortable, practical and stylish. Understanding what not to wear on an engagement shoot will give you some idea about the clothes that are perfect for this occasion. Avoid white formal dresses or anything printed on the front of the shirt. Dark colors absorb light which may result in your clothing not coming out well during photos.

Don’t choose shoes with high heels because they might get stuck in dirt or grass. If it’s raining, avoid wearing clothes made of wool or non-breathable fabric since these materials cannot dry fast enough when wet; instead wear lightweight clothes made of cotton or linen. As much as possible, avoid heavy prints, logos (which can be distracting), large buttons and belts since they make noise while moving around during the shoot which is very distracting.

As the holidays are fast approaching, it’s best to wear outfits made of lightweight materials like cotton or linen because they can keep you warm during fall days. Wear shoes with rubber soles which give good traction on both dry and wet surfaces. If you want earrings or necklaces, make sure that you wear them for your engagement shoot to look well-groomed.


It’s important to choose clothes that will match  the location of your engagement shoot. For example, if you’re going to a park for a nature photo session make sure that your clothes are not brightly colored and don’t have logos on them because they will look out of place. Wearing lighter colors with muted or pastel shades would be great for this kind of outdoor environment. Make sure too that your clothing is suitable for the season – wearing heavy coats during summer wouldn’t be very comfortable nor practical.


Aside from the location, you should also consider  the season when choosing for your clothes. For example, if you’re having a winter photo session and it’s quite cold outside make sure that you wear clothes that would keep you warm like sweaters or coats while avoiding anything with logos on the front because they will show up in the photo and look distracting. If it’s raining, avoid wearing heavy materials such as wool since water will get absorbed instead of just rolling off; instead wear light clothing made of cotton or linen.


It goes without saying that the style of your clothing should match what kind of engagement shoot you’re going to have – formal, sports-oriented and so on and so forth. Don’t mix and match styles unless they really do go well together. For example: if you’re having a formal photo session, avoid wearing sporty sneakers or sandals because they won’t go well with the style of your clothes. Also, make sure that your clothing is clean and ironed before going out for your shoot.


It’s best to choose clothes that match your age range as  much as possible. For example, if you’re young it’s not really advisable to wear things with huge prints on them because they would look too loud compared to your age. You can find a lot of selections for light colors in the summertime which are perfect for young women who don’t want to stand out from others when attending events with their friends during this season. If you’re older then do choose darker colors & heavy prints as well as accessories that would go well with your age.


It’s best to be aware of what kind of clothing to wear for your height too. It’s not advisable to wear a dress that is much shorter compared to you because you might look shorter than others or a dress that is a bit too long which may drag behind and trip somebody up. Wear clothes that would match your height well so people won’t have an awkward view when looking at you from top-down during the engagement shoot.

Style Tips:

Here are some tips on what styles would go well with certain types of photo sessions: 

Formal Engagement Shoot – When doing formal shoots, make sure that the style matches the level of formality; don’t wear anything too casual or else it would look out of place.

For a relaxed, fun and memorable engagement shoot, make sure that you focus on the style in which you dress your partner in. This time around when choosing clothes, try not to go overboard with print or color since they would distract from the photo. It’s best to choose clothing that has one dominant color instead of having different shades of multiple colors because it could be overwhelming when looking at the photo later.

 In terms of the fabric, it should be lightweight and comfortable so avoid wearing heavy materials such as wool because they will get uncomfortable when worn during long photo sessions. Another tip is to avoid logos or characters printed all over a certain piece of clothing because it would take away from the main attraction of the shoot which is you – unless your partner really wants to have them printed on.

These are just some of the things you need to keep in mind when choosing clothes to wear on your engagement shoot. Don’t forget to have fun and make the most out of your memory!

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